Unlocking the Potential: Dubai Freelance Visa Fees and Application Process


Dubai, with its dynamic economy and multicultural environment, has become a hotspot for freelancers seeking new opportunities. The Dubai freelance visa is a gateway to living and working in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. This comprehensive guide explores the costs, benefits, and step-by-step application process for obtaining a Dubai freelance visa.

Geographical Information

The city is known for its modern architecture, luxury shopping, and lively nightlife scene. The best time to visit Dubai is during the cooler months, from November to March.

Benefits of Dubai Freelance Visa

The Dubai freelance visa offers several advantages, making it an attractive option for independent professionals:

  • Easy Employment: Freelancers can work legally in Dubai, opening up numerous job opportunities.
  • Two-Year Stay: The visa is valid for two years, providing stability for long-term projects.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: Freelancers can travel in and out of Dubai without hassle.
  • Financial Benefits: Easier access to loans and credit cards, as well as essential financial services.
  • NOC Provided: A No Objection Certificate is provided to ensure smooth processing and compliance.

Dubai Freelance Visa Fee

  • Understanding the cost structure is crucial for planning your move. The fees for a Dubai freelance visa are broken down as follows:

Total Cost Breakdown

  • Offer/Contract Letter: AED 1,000
  • Labour Card: AED 4,500
  • Medical Application: AED 2,000
  • Visa Stamping: AED 1,500 (If processed within 2 month)

Special Price ( If Pay Only Cash )

  • Total: AED 7,500 (If processed within 1 month)

How to Apply for Dubai Freelance Visa

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Offer/Contract Letter

    • Timeline: Same day or within 24 hours
    • Payment: AED 1,000
    • Description: Secure your employment contract or offer letter, which is a crucial first step.
  2. Labour Card

    • Timeline: 48 working hours
    • Payment: AED 4,500
    • Description: Obtain your labour card, authorizing you to work legally in Dubai.
  3. E-Visa & Change Status

    • Timeline: 5-6 days
    • Payment: Included in the total package
    • Description: Receive your e-visa and change your residency status.
  4. Overstay Fines and Absconding Reduction (if applicable)

    • Description: Assistance in reducing or clearing any overstay fines or absconding issues.
  5. Medical Application

    • Payment: AED 2,000
    • Description: Complete the mandatory medical examination required for all resident visa applicants.
  6. Fingerprints & Emirates ID

    • Description: Submit your fingerprints and apply for your Emirates ID, an essential identification card.
  7. Visa Stamping

    • Payment: AED 1,500
    • Description: Finalize your visa process with visa stamping in your passport.

Dubai Freelance Visa Application


  1. To apply for a Dubai freelance visa, you need the following:

    • Passport Copy: Valid for at least six months.
    • Passport-Sized Photos: Recent and in color.
    • Educational Certificates: Attested degrees or diplomas.
    • Proof of Freelance Work: Portfolio or evidence of freelance projects.
    • Health Insurance: Proof of valid health insurance.

Application Steps

    • Prepare Documents: Gather all necessary documents.
    • Submit Application: Apply online or through an authorized agency like AA Clearing Documents Services.
    • Pay Fees: Make the required payments as outlined.
    • Attend Medical Test: Complete the medical examination.
    • Receive Visa: Get your e-visa and update your status with AA Clearing Documents Services.


What is the Dubai freelance visa?

The Dubai freelance visa allows independent professionals to live and work in Dubai legally. It offers a two-year residency with multiple entry privileges.

How much does the Dubai freelance visa cost?

The total cost for a Dubai freelance visa is AED 9,000, which includes all processing fees. A special price if pay all in cash AED 7,500 is available if processed within one month.

What are the benefits of the Dubai freelance visa?

Benefits include legal employment, a two-year stay, multiple entry visa, easier access to loans and credit cards, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

How do I apply for the Dubai freelance visa?

You need to secure an offer/contract letter, obtain a labour card, get your e-visa, attend a medical test, submit fingerprints, apply for an Emirates ID, and finally, have your visa stamped Only with AA Clearings documents services

What documents are required for the Dubai freelance visa?

Required documents include a passport copy, passport-sized photos, attested educational certificates, proof of freelance work, and health insurance.


The Dubai freelance visa opens up a world of opportunities for independent professionals. With the help of AA Clearing Document Services, the process is smooth and hassle-free. Contact us via WhatsApp today for an exclusive 10% discount and start your journey to living and working in Dubai.