The Dubai freelance visa allows independent professionals to live and work in Dubai legally. It offers a two-year residency with multiple entry privileges.

The total cost can from AED 8,000AED. including all mandatory fees and additional expenses with AA Clearing Documents

Yes, once you have the freelance visa, you can sponsor your family members, but it will incur additional costs.

The freelance visa is typically valid for 2 year and can be renewed annually.

You can work in sectors such as technology, media, education, and design Etc.

The processing time can vary, but it generally takes about 2 to 4 weeks from the submission of the application.

Benefits include legal employment, a two-year stay, multiple entry visa, easier access to loans and credit cards, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

You need to secure an offer/contract letter, obtain a labour card, get your e-visa, attend a medical test, submit fingerprints, apply for an Emirates ID, and finally, have your visa

Required documents include a passport copy, passport-sized photos, attested educational certificates, proof of freelance work, and health insurance.

In the rare event that your visa application is rejected, we will work with you to address the reasons for rejection and reapply. Our team is experienced in handling such

Our pricing is transparent, and we strive to include all necessary costs in our packages. However, any additional legal or administrative fees will be communicated upfront.